Whether it be built in or freestanding, our range of Braais can transform any space into an impressive entertaining area…

Where to put my braai?

Remember to pick an area of your garden that gives plenty of room for both cooking and entertaining.

After all, a Braai is a great showpiece for any area and is a natural place for people to congregate around at a party or gathering. When planning where to put the Braai think about the following things:

– Comfortable space for food preparation and service

– Seating and dining area for your guests

– Shelter from the elements (we use the Braai all year round, so a consideration if you wish to do the same and don’t like getting wet)

Built In or Freestanding?

Depending on what suits your environment best, our Braais can be either built-in or freestanding.

Our 1200 Braai Stand allows flexibility and prevents the Braai from being fixed to a position or permanent structure, it also acts as a great storage for plates, cooking utensils etc too.

If you wish to install your own built-in Braai then we have a few handy tips…

  1. The Braai is best positioned 850mm-900mm off the ground
  2. It is important to have a solid and heat resistant surface for the bottom of the Braai to sit on, we suggest a heat resistant concrete lintel/slab or thick stone
  3. When cladding the Braai, make sure you leave a minimum of 20mm between the inner skin of the non-combustible building material and the surface of the Braai.